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Andrea Pastacaldi, CEO of Made of Italy, becomes a Knight of the Italian Republic

Last June 2, on the occasion of Italy’s Republic Day, our CEO was honored with an important honor. At the Italian-Australian Welfare and Cultural Centre in Perth, Andrea Pastacaldi became a Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy in recognition of his work in spreading Italian culture in Western Australia.

The reasons for the recognition

Among the reasons that led to the recognition, reads the official note, is the “extraordinary commitment demonstrated in favor of the Italian community in Western Australia, especially new emigrants, promoting the values of cohesion and collaboration, as well as the language and culture of our country in the Australian context.”

Andrea, who has been in Australia for twelve years, has in fact created the largest and strongest community of Italians in Western Australia who support each other and share events, initiatives and moments of fun. Members trust and support each other and exchange advice on products and services offered by member companies. Through a series of events including parties, aperitifs and cultural initiatives, Made of Italy has been able to create a sense of community that did not exist before, helping to promote Italian culture in Australia.

Andrea’s story

Andrea Pastacaldi was born 42 years ago in Agliana, in the province of Pistoia, Tuscany, and has lived in Australia for the past 12 years, where he had arrived to work and gain life experience. Since his first years on the new continent, Andrea has always worked to offer support to newcomers and to create opportunities for Italians and locals to meet.

“I began to promote initiatives and events aimed at enhancing the various aspects of Italian culture, also creating opportunities for exchange and integration,” Andrea recounts. “The association was born from the idea of making the most of existing resources and facilities, such as the Italian Club of Fremantle, to create a point of reference and meeting place for Italians and young people who are in Italy. I thought the Club could be the perfect location to become the meeting place for those who had an interest in Italian culture. We managed to organize a party and started contacting musicians, dancers, cooks, and volunteers to create an event that would start a new era.”

Made of Italy between present and future

“When I was told that I would be awarded the Star of Italy, I was very surprised,” Andrea admits, “however, after reflecting on the significance of the honor, I appreciated the fact that I was identified and awarded for the value of my work.

Indeed, the Order of the Star of Italy recognizes the value and commitment of Italians abroad who have contributed to the creation of friendly relations between Italy and other countries. This is the second civilian state honor, which comes directly from the President of the Italian Republic.

Andrea Pastacaldi sees the title of Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy not as a point of arrival but as a stimulus to continue his work and make relations between Italy and Australia even stronger. In fact, he is already planning a series of events for this year and next, with the aim of extending the Made of Italy project to other parts of Australia.


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